Ordering on Sunatura.com is easy, but sometimes it could be a little frustrating for others. We try to do it as easy as possible for you. Here are some questions we already answered.

*What is your default payment methode?

Bitcoin is our default payment methode.

What is the procedure?

Please send us an email when you are finished with your order. Until then we take no steps.

*What if I don’t have Bitcoin to pay my order?

We will help you to obtain those on a very natural way. People are a little scared when they hear about Bitcoin, but it is one of the easiest and smoothest transaction currently known. You just have to know how to do it. We provide you with that info.

*What if I don’t want to pay with Bitcoin?

We could try to find another way to get your order paid, but please give it a change just by reading our steps to obtain them.

*Do I receive a tracking code?

All orders will be shipped with a tracking code.

*Do you ship to the USA?

NO. We do not ship to the USA. We as Sunatura Team will cancel any order made by an US citizen. All payments made will not get refunded.

*Is the Melanotan pure?

Our Melanotan is produced in the EU which has a high standard of the production of Melanotan. Therefore we can guarantee that our Melanotan has a high purity grade.

*Do you really ship?

We ALWAYS ship! Sunatura has a high trust rate according to its customers and we are dedicated to get it even higher. We are not here to scam you. Others can do that.

*Do you sell other stuff?

For now we bring you Melanotan, but we are in negotiation to bring some other peptides on the market. Stay tuned for that.