Order Facts

You have shipped me an empty vial!!!

  • No, we didn’t. 10mg of MII-EU is a very small amount. Normally you ordered MII-EU somewhere else, but those were polluted vials with fillers like Manitol or other components. We only sell and ship pure MII-EU. No additives in it. And yes, it looks like you have received an empty vial, but if you look closely you will see the chrystals.

How long does shipping take?

  • We ship two times per week. On Monday and on Thursday. If you paid late Monday your order will be shipped Thursday. If you paid late Thursday, it goes out on Monday 🙂 Mostly shipping takes a few days within the EU.

Sometimes it is possible that we forget things in life. So it is possible that we receive payments from people who forgot to mail us that they have paid (which is the most important part of the whole process).

If you have paid, but didn’t received your order, please mail us. We will do everything to ensure that you will get your order. Don’t think that you are scammed by us. Just mail us your details like order number, payment details etc. and we WILL ship out your order asap. Sometimes things gets all messed up because of the summer hype and it is possible we forget something. If you contact us, then everything will be settled.

We are good people…our support is as good as our products. We hate scammers, but it is possible that we make some mistakes, so please mail us if you have any question about your order.